Sunday, August 31, 2008

First Day of School

Hey people! Megan here! So for our first blog entry I'm here to tell you all about me and my siblings awesome first day of school!

We'll start with the baby of the family, Cameron for those of you who don't know. Cameron was so excited to start her first day of 3rd grade. She was the first one up with so much energy. How she does it, I have no idea!! She really missed her friends and she was excited to see her new teacher Ms. Sibala. We have a nick name for her teacher at home. Smiley Sibala. Every time we see that woman she is grinning from ear to ear. Sound familiar? :) Heehee. Cam is still loving school, whats wrong with that girl?

Now on to our middle child and manly man Ryan. He started 7th grade at Akimel A-al. First day he really didn't want to go back, he liked hanging out at home with our cousins Kreston and Conner. But unfortunately fate worked against him that day and he had to go. He got a crazy science teacher this year. Seriously the woman has penguin on the brain! Last year she came to school dressed as a penguin! But Ry seems to like her. He sang in church that week and now all the girls love him! It wouldn't be that bad except most of them are some of my best friends, so that makes it kinda creepy. Ryan's just playing the field though! He took notes watching Jared this summer. Thanks a bunch Jared!

Now to the more beautiful child! ME (Megan)! So this year I became one of like 2000 freshmen joining Desert Vista High School. Many of you know how incredibly freaked I have been since like January about high school, but in reality, I don't know what I was so worried about. So even though this kills me, you all were right and I was wrong. Perhaps the biggest accomplishment of my first day was that I made it to all my classes on time and I never once walked in the wrong class! Thank you thank you but applause really isn't necessary! And all my classes are on opposite sides of the campus!

So that's basically our days. Hopefully we will have more fantabulous stories to tell you soon. But until then keep it real! And remember Life Is Good at the Gardners!