Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pinkwood Derby

Hello this is Cameron - for the past couple weeks me and my dad have been working on a pinkwood derby car. A pinkwood derby is like a pinewood derby for girls.... and all cars have to have pink on them. So my car has black with pink polka dots. I knew my car was fast - I just never knew about my competition. So yesterday I was very excited but nervous, too. When we got to the church we had to do a weigh in then put graphite on my car then do a final weigh in. Then in five minutes it was race time.

At first I thought they forgot about me because my friends were racing but not me. But then they called my name and I got to do my first race. I won all the races. YEAH! I was very excited. I took first place for our ward. My prize was a t-shirt and a certificate. Then, we had to see who's was the fastest in the stake and I came in second. I can't wait for next years pinkwood derby.


Hello Y'all,

Its Ryan comin' to you from my house!!! I am involved in many sports. I am currently in Baseball, Basketball, and Track & Field. In baseball I am playing Little League and I got drafted by the Diamondbacks. We have had about 3 practices. We have Jay Bell's son on our team and Jay Bell is helping coach us. We arereally lucky. In Basketball I am a guard. It is hard to get shots up because everyone is taller than me. In Track & Field I do the Discus, Long Jump, and the High Jump. I am not the best but it is still fun to compete.
If any one has any advice, I will gladly accept it.

It is going to be a busy spring! Maybe I should quit school :)

Youth Conference

Hey, its Megan. Every year our Stake does a service project of some kind and all the youth, ages 14 and up go and participate. Well yesterday for the project the youth put on a carnival for special needs kids at my school. It was so fun! Each ward had 2 booths to work and those of us who were not needed at the booth would walk around and spend the day with a kid, being a "Best Buddy." I was a Best Buddy and my partner's name was Michael. He was so funny! He was the first one of the kids to arrive so we got to hit all the games first and several times after that. He was really good at the basketball booth. He never missed a shot! It was so cool. He wanted to vist all the booths...and he would want to run there. I think we lapped the school about 50 times. But it was still so fun. Then after the carnival we had a small dance in the cafeteria with the kids. We had a blast being buddies with the kids!! They loved the music and loved to dance. One girl was a great break dancer.

After the dance the kids went home and the youth went to the church for lunch and games. Hanging out with the other kids from the stake was a lot of fun. We played a game called Mingle. You dance around a room until someone calls out a number and you have to get in a group of that many people. Playing that game with a bunch of overly competitive guys was not necessarily the safest game but it was still fun! Really all the girls had to do was stand there and wait for a guy to grab you and pull you into a group. You always hoped that it was a group of cute guys too! ;)

Then after the games we all went to Skateland. Skateland is just a roller rink that is pretty cool. We were all really tired but somehow we still had enough energy to skate in circles and dance like maniacs. It was really fun but when I got home I was exhausted. I still am! But I really liked hanging out with Michael yesterday.