Tuesday, September 30, 2008

volleyball game ;]

Hi its me Cameron again. I am playing volleyball and my daddy is the coach. On the 20th we had our first game. We didn't keep score for the first game. We did for the second. For the first game I honestly have to say that my team won.

There are only two teams so we play the same team every week. My two friends who were in kindergarten with me are on the other team and I love them sooooo much.

For the second game we kept score just for fun and the first game the other team one the first two games and we one the last game. This Saturday we are playing so lets hope we win.

Our team name is the Firecrackers. Go Firecrackers!!
I . I

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Broken Toe

Aloha people of earth and beyond! Once again it is every ones favorite person Megan here to tell y'all about my awesome life! So a week ago I was so psyched to go to an audition for a school show! The day before I felt that I had rocked the audition so I was pretty confident. So my mom dropped me off in front of the stairs and I saw my friends so I ran to catch up. As I was running up the steps though I slipped forward. Yes I know, I know only I could fall going up a flight of stairs. Anyway at the time I didn't feel anything. Just a bump on my shin. So after I got all my laughter out of my system my friends helped me up and we went into auditions. As I started walking around the room though I noticed my big toe started hurting like crazy! It swelled about 3 sizes too big! And that day the director just had to call me up repeatedly! So I was limping all over the place and by the end of the hour I already had a new nick name. Crippled. Oh well. When my mom picked me up my toe was really red and big. We were going to go to another football game that night but of course i couldn't maneuver the treacherous bleachers with my toe so me and the young ones stayed home while my parents went out. I was a lazy blob on Saturday. My dad picked me up some chick flicks and I just watched those all day. Cam and Ry were my little helper monkeys all day so that was nice. Then I got crutches but those hurt like crazy! I'm still sore. Oh well. That's all for now. We have a busy day of baseball and a barbecue. Never forget, that Life Is Good At The Gardner's!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


OK, I am Ryan, it is my first blog so hopefully it will not stink. I am involved in many activities. I am on a Baseball team. I just had my second practice and I think that our team is very good. I am also in the school play; "Legend of Sleepy Hollow". I am farmer Stuyvesant if any of you know him. I am going to the first rehearsal tomorrow Monday, Sept 15. I am also singing in front of the entire Priesthood of the stake tonight. I am singing "Army of Helaman" a great primary song. I am nervous because, when I was playing Charlie in "Willy Wonka" I could move around and laugh, in church I can't and I have to be serious. Well I guess that I will talk to you all again.

DV Football

Yola, Megan again. So Friday night the Gardner fam piled into the car and went to my first High School football game. We brought Conner along with us to. Anyway, we got there and found some good seats, unfortunately that was the Senior section. It was a block of Seniors and Freshman wannabes all clustered into one group watching the game. So after a few minutes I spotted a bunch of my friends in the Senior cluster so I left my family to go hang with them. We were all a little sugar high at the time so we were getting weird looks the whole time. Then like 10 minutes later I got a text from one of my friends telling me to come to the top of the bleachers with her and our guy friend Mckay. So up there are a bunch of my Mormon friends and we were even crazier than me and my friends before. I kept running into a bunch of my friends and every single one of them has a crush on Mckay. They know nothing about him and yet they think he is really cute. My dad doesn't understand what they see in him. Really neither do I. Anyway we eventually moved down so we were 2 rows down from my family. My parents were very nice and let me and Mary flirt without any interruption. My siblings on the other hand, weren't as nice. Neither of them have ever met Mckay so of course they were all over me trying to meet him. At one point Ryan was trying to be funny and pulled be back, and I almost fell off the bleachers! Luckily Mary grabbed my feet and Mckay grabbed my arm. So all in all it was a fun night. Oh and in case you were wondering, Desert Vista Thunder beat the Mesa Jackrabbits 49-0. I don't really know how cause I wasn't totally paying attention, but I'm glad we won!! (sorry Grandma Woods) And I know, anybody reading this is gonna start commenting on here about Mckay and wanting details so let me sum this up for you... I DON'T LIKE HIM!! I just hung out with Cassie and Holli too much as a kid and now I am a big flirt. But I don't like him!! But when has that ever stopped any of you from teasing me? Never. Oh well. Tata for now muchachos and muchachas!

Primary talent show!

This is Cameron. On Saturday our Primary had a talent show. I am of a member of a singing group called the Sugar and Spice Singers'. We performed at the talent show. We sang the Broadway tune "I Enjoy Being a Girl", "My Favorite Things" from the Sound of Music and "Jon Jacob Jingle Himer Schmitt." One of my favorite acts during the show was a little girl named Janie - she wanted to be Superman for the talent show and she was going to fly. Her dad explained that to fly you always need the red cape and the Superman shirt and always you need the perfect curl. NOW KIDS DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME! She says up-up and- away and then her dad lifted her up and carried her high above his head across the room. It looked fun! Then my friend Charlotte she did gymnastics to "Fly on the Wall" by Miley Cyrus and she sang "Our Song" by Taylor Swift.