Thursday, June 11, 2009

Girls Camp and Branson

Hey guys! It's Megan! So my summer just started off with a bang! School ended and the next day I was up at 4 0'clock in the morning to get to go to Girls Camp. All the 4th year girls gathered at our leaaders house where we piled in to two cars to drive all the way to Payson. In Payson we unloaded our stuff and started a 4 mile hike to the top of a mountain with 30 pound packs on our backs. The hike up was not fun at all because it was all uphill. It was terrible! After two hours of hiking we finally arrived at the campsite. It was brutal.

Once we hit the campsite we pitched our tents and then the rain rolled in. It poured and poured and poured. All the girls crammed in our tents and we waited it out. When it eventually stopped we filed outside and all cooked Mexican food on a camp stove. It was pretty random but so much fun!

After dinner it started raining yet again! It rained all through the night and another girls tent flooded! The next day it was so bad that my leader gave us two different options, we could stay in the rain and cold, or we could hike down, go to Pizza Hut, then go to our girls camp, Camp LoMia. Of course we all chose Pizza Hut! Haha. So we took down the tents and packed up our bags and started the hike down. Going back was much more fun! It was all downhill and only slightly raining. It was pretty muddy and I went the whole way not slipping once.... until the very last stretch! I slipped and my whole leg was covered in mud! It was pretty sad.

So we made it to the cars in an hour and a half. It was such a pretty hike! I loved the hike down! After a delicious hot meal at Pizza Hut we went to LoMia. We basically had the run of the camp. All us girls had gotten really close and so it was just one huge party! We spent the night in the cabin and it rained some more!

The next morning me and my friend McKinley felt so gross we wanted to go and take a shower. But they were SO cold! We couldn't just stand in there it was so cold. We had to go one limb at a time! After getting a little cleaner we felt so much better!!!

The rest of the stake girls got there later that day. I was put in charge of directing my wards camp skit so we had rehearsal as soon as they got there. That night was the presentation of all the skits and none were as good as ours (I know - I need to learn humility)! The theme of camp was Superhero's and our ward chose Buzz Lightyear. We had one girl play buzz and the other girls were the little alien dudes. At the end they all danced to Bye Bye Bye by N'Sync. The 4th year girls were the Fantastic 4! How cute right? My idea!

I had to leave camp a day early because I had to catch a flight to Branson, Missouri for show choir. But that is a story for another day. Now, Me and my siblings have a list of chores to do so I better start on those. You know, have to keep dad happy.

Until another time, Adieu.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


School is out and summer is in. I am not yet sure how to entertain my self for the entire summer. Although If I make the All-Star Little League team I will have a bunch to do. This baseball season I played Catcher, Shortshtop and I pitched a little bit. I am not sure that I will make the team. I'm not sure because the way people get picked for All-Stars is that other players pick from a list of names; and not really dependent on playing ability.

But if I don't get picked for the team I will go to Scout camp for a week up in northern Arizona. The last time I went to Geronimo it rained a lot and we had a great campsite. We were up on a hill so the view was great, but taking the gear up and down the trail was a tough job.

As you might have known, my birthday was a few days ago. I had a great party with my cousins from Tempe. We went to Fiddlesticks for the whole day. There was hardly anyone there so we got to go on as many rides as we wanted to. We also went mini-golfing; and I won by 3 strokes. My summer started out great and it will stay this way (hopefully) for the rest of the summer.

RyAn GaRdNeR

My first time on stage

Aloha everyone this is Cameron. This summer I auditioned for a play. I am in a play called "Alice in Wonderland." I am in the ensemble. The ensemble is the extra parts without names. The parts I have so far are a starfish an extra flower and a four person bug.
The first day of auditions was very fun. We sang a couple of songs on the first day. On the second day we read lines. - and we did that again on the third day. Rehearsals are fun but the worst thing about rehearsals is the kid drama. I wish some of these children would act more mature. Rehearsals are fun, too. We started choreographing the song "I'm late". The dancing is really cute. We've now gone through 78 pages of the script in just 8 days. Wow - that's a lot .
The dates of my play are: June 23rd and 24th at 7:00. Come see it if you can.