Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Hello - this is Cameron. This past June we had the opportunity of going to Hawaii with my cousins, Kreston and Conner and my Aunt Susie. It was so much fun. We stayed in Waikiki for four days, then stayed in a beach house on the north shore right on Hukilau Beach for four days.

In Waikiki we did all the tourist things, eating big plate lunches (yum), hiking Diamond Head, walked the streets at night to see all the street performers, Pearl Harbor, the changing of the guards at the Kings Village, the International Marketplace, and so much more. My favorite part of Waikiki was the surfing or just the time we spent relaxing on the beach.

When we were in Waikiki we had the chance to go diving. It was so much fun and the animals were so amazing. There were turtles bigger than me and so many colorful fish!  It was better diving this year.  I didn't burn up all my air so quickly.  I still did flips and stuff but still had some air left at the end of the dive.
After those amazing four days we packed all our stuff up and went up north. On our way we stopped at the Swap Meet, and Pali Lookout. The Swap Meet was so much fun and I got some good (cheap) souvenirs.  Our Laie beach house was in the greatest place possible.  It was right on the beach, about 20 steps from the world famous Hukilau cafĂ©, 5 minutes from BYU and the PCC and to top it off, it had a beautiful view of the Laie Temple. Laie was so relaxing, and just perfect. While we were there I had the fantastic opportunity of doing Baptisms in the Hawaii temple. That was so much fun and a great experience.

Overall this trip was full of so many laughs and great  memories, I cant wait to go back soon! 
                                           We got "Lei'ed" not even 10 minutes into our trip!

Ryan tied me up with a vine at Pali Lookout
Scuba Cameron

Big Honu (turtle)