Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Eagle Project

Ryan again!
Recently I finished my Eagle Scout Project and it was a big success. My project was to create 24 lap quilts for the residents at Sunrise Senior Center. I made the lap quilts big and fluffy and enough for each resident. Almost my whole ward and some other good friends showed up to help so it went by very fast. By the time we really got moving, we could tie a quilt in about 20 minutes. Churning out 24 in a couple of hours became a piece of cake with 6 quilts going at once. We made them all on that one Saturday and I have typed up my project. So all that is left for me is to present it to the Board of Review for them to approve of what I have done. After that I will be able to drive. I passed my permit test but I am not allowed to use it until the project is all complete. We will check it over and once it is approved I will be tearing up the streets. Going the speed limit of course. haha I can't wait to get out there and get some real driving experience.

Volleyball Championship

Hey guys, it's Ryan here,
Recently I played in a YMCA volleyball season. I was the only boy on a team of girls and had lots of fun. We went undefeated the whole season and when it came down to the Championship we were just as successful. We were missing two people so we were down to playing with 4 people.  However, the other team had 4 people as well, so it was pretty even. We won the first game with a score of 25 to 17. Closer than we would have liked but we would take that win any day. The second game came along and mid-way through, the score was 23 to 9, we were losing. We took a timeout and got our heads back in the game. Then out of nowhere we went on a point spree and got the score all the way back up to 23 to 24, we were ahead. We served the ball and got a really good volley going. We got the ball and they set the ball up for me to spike it. I hit the ball but they blocked it and it slowly fell between three of us. That made me really angry so I threw the ball at the ground. The referee apparently didn't like that and gave me a yellow card.  If I got another I would've been kicked out of the game and we would lose for sure. I calmed down after that and we ended up winning the last game 15 to 9. It was pretty intense and I had a great time playing. My team was amazing and I can't wait to play in this next season's championship.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Carol and Spelling Bee

Bonjour, it is Cameron here. So recently I auditioned for "A Christmas Carol." I made it in.  I am a Caroler. My sister and I are both doing it this year and it is Megan's last year to do it.  Megan is Robert Marley and as such she plays a boy. Her friend who is also a girl plays a boy too, Jacob Marley. I am surprised I am enjoying it as much as I am.  I like to sing and it is fun to do this on stage in front of a lot of people. I also get a lot of attention - which my family will tell you is something I really like.  If you get to come see it, I promise you won't be disappointed.

I have also had the opportunity to make it into the school spelling bee. I am not the best speller so I was really nervous on the day of the spelling bee. I made it to the sixth round. I got out on the word *thurbred. I still don't even know how to spell it. :)  Perhaps that is why I got kicked out...

State Champs!

Football is one of America's greatest sports. Well, I didn't always think so, but I have learned. This is Megan.  This year,  Ryan's and my high school football team had the best season we have ever played. Every year we have the "Tukee Bowl" which is the football game against our arch rivals, Mountain Pointe High School. The night of the game the Desert Vista Choir and the MP Choir came together to sing the National Anthem. It was really special. Even through our diffences we were able to create a beaufiful sound and represent our schools in a classy way. I only stayed about 10 minutes, but this was a crazy game. Pretty much the entire school came out for this game (and that's a lot...). DV started off and we just kept scoring and scoring, but the weather was getting cloudier and rainier. At half-time they made everyone evacuate the stands, then changed their minds, then Mountain Pointe forfeited due to weather, which went down as a win for DV! That was a cool experience.

From there, DV went undefeated, until we played Hamilton High School. At the time, Hamilton had gone 49 games in a row without losing. There were Seniors on that team who had never lost a game. We wanted to win so bad, and we played well, but Hamilton came out superior. Now don't get discouraged, because this is not the end... :)

Except for that minor set back, DV won every other game. And not just won... we STOMPED other teams. In fact we stomped our way to the State Championship game. Again we had to face returning state champs Hamilton High School. They too had kept up their winning streak.  By now, they hadn't lost in 54 games.  The game would be at the Cardinals Stadium. We went as a family to support our school, but everyone knew we were going to lose. We mostly went just to experience it all. Well, long story short, Desert Vista came out on top. We actually stomped them! The final score was 45-19.  No one could really believe it had happened  - but it did! It felt like a Disney movie! We ended up killing their 4 year winning streak. The whole school was walking on air all week. I was proud to be a Desert Vista Thunder.