Tuesday, June 4, 2013

2 Semesters Down

Summertime and the living is easy. And summertime is the best way to end an awesome second semester at college. As you know I've been living in Thatcher Arizona, attending Eastern Arizona College. Its been another great semester full of fun times and crazy adventures. From random trips to Tucson, Duncan, New Mexico and Mt. Graham, to bonfires and game nights every weekend. One weekend we decided to try out a "real" college experience. We went to our first college house party just to say we had. The music was loud, the dancing was.... exotic, and the kids were cliché college party kids. When our heads finally were pounding to the beat of the music, we ditched out to go play glow in the dark Frisbee. While we have never been back to another house party since, we are glad we had the experience.

Game night
Because Thatcher is such a small town, we had to get fairly creative in the ways of entertaining ourselves. One weekend we bought glow sticks and golf balls, climbed to the top of Red Knolls and saw who could hit them the farthest at 10:00 at night. Another night we played a Mormon drinking game, which was essentially Beer Pong, but with energy drinks. That was an interesting caffeine buzz that night.
Random road trips to Duncan, AZ

This semester I also had the incredible opportunity to be a part of the choir at Eastern Arizona College. The theme of our Spring Sing concert was all about time. But our show choir also did a Disney themed set. Everyone in Thatcher that knows me is very aware of my slight Disney obsession. So because of the high nature of their set, the girls in the show choir had some really intense quick changes. The girl who played Princess Jasmine was a really good friend of mine, and she asked me to help her with her quick change. We had three minutes to turn her from blonde Karissa to Princess Jasmine. The first few times were super stressful, but eventually we got into such a good rhythm that we even had time to spare. The rest of the concert was absolutely beautiful and so much fun. I love being a part of the EAC choir and I'm so excited to return in the fall.

Karissa Self AKA Princess Jasmine

Yup, it's official. In the fall I will be returning to EAC. My best friends parents bought a house and so I am moving out of dorm and moving into the house.  Yay!

  I am on track to graduate with my Associates Degree in Education next May. I'm so excited to make all sorts of new friends and have all kinds of new experiences while in Thatcher for one more epic year.

Ready to go Diving!

We are getting ready to go to Hawaii!  We are diving with the "Reef Pirates" on Oahu, because they have a cool name, and we want cool dive T-shirts.  It's been a year since Megan, Ryan and Cameron dove in Puerto Vallarta, so they had a scuba refresher course.  Stan, at Bubbles Up Diving, did a refresher for them last year, so we called him again.  He's great.  The kids probably didn't need a refresher.  They did fine in the pool.  Cameron stood on her head most of the time (which is typical for her.)  She's not happy unless she's flipping and spinning and twirling.  Love her!   I'm going to try to get the kids to do entries this week, because it's been 6 months, but we'll see how that goes.