Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Christmas Carol

Yellow dudes and dudette's! Megan here yet again and guess what.... I got another part in another show! The show is "A Christmas Carol," and I'm doing at a local community theatre here in Ahwatukee - the Awhatukee Childrens Theater. The character I play is Emily Cratchit. I'm the mother of Tiny Tim and the other Cratchit family. I'm so excited to be doing this show because its my first show there and I already have a really big part! It's so awesome! My friend Brooklynn has been trying to get me to try out for a show there for a couple years now, but I haven't until now. I was really worried that I would be the only new kid and that I would have a hard time fitting in. But when I got there I saw one of my other really good friends Kylie. It is also her first show at ACT. OOOH! I'm so excited!

I don't know the times of the show or the price of the tickets but as soon as I do you will all be the first to know!

So Friday was the first audition. I had to go in and sing a song for the main director. I was really scared and shaking because it was kind of intimidating just standing in a room alone with her. When I was done with the first verse she stopped me and said I had a great voice and that I got a call-back but that she didn't know for which part yet. I had to wait a whole hour before the list was posted. When I logged on it said that I got called back for 3 really good parts - I was so ecstatic! So the next morning at 9 I went for my second audition where they had me read for all the parts I got called back for. Then when we were all done I went home, and my stomach was infested with huge mutant butterflies! It was 1 when I got home and the list would be posted at 2. I couldn't stop pushing refresh to see if it was posted early. It was getting to the point of my fingers hurting form clicking so much. Then at exactly 2:03, the cast list was up.

My parents were napping so when I saw my name I had to scream into a nearby pillow so I didn't wake them up. But then I had to run upstairs and wake them up anyway and tell them the awesome news and cause I had a rehearsal at 4. At 4 I went and we've already learned our 1st dance and did a whole read through and sing through. I'm sooo excited people! OK well, toodles noodles! Remember, Life Is Good At The Gardner's.