Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Olivia by Megan

It is official! I have been in exactly 10 shows. I just finished performing a show called "Olivia". It was written by my fabulous director Michelle Rubino and it is a combination of Oliver and Annie. It is about a little orphan girl named Olivia who gets taken to an orphanage by the character Megan... ;). While Megan starts to love Olivia like a daughter she can't adopt her herself, so she lets other families adopt her. One family is obsessed with animals, but Olivia was allergic. Another family believed that aliens were coming any day so they don't send their kids to school, so Megan takes her back. Finally, Olivia finds her real aunt, Aunt Polly. I played Aunt Polly. Except Aunt Polly abused her children, including Olivia. Yes, I beat children... Ha ha! Me and the little girl who played Olivia became really good friends so she knew that while I was yelling at her and pushing her she knew I still loved her. This was definitely the hardest part I have ever had to do, but also the most fun. My notes during rehearsals were that I needed to be meaner and louder, the exact opposite of me. So I practiced on Ryan and Cameron... JK. Not really. I was really sad on closing day. I got so close to all the little girls in the cast. There was a scene when I was crisp and clean and pretty, and then 2 scenes later I had to look like a slob in curlers and a pink robe. So I would spend an hour curling my hair for the first scene, then I would run backstage flip my hair and all 20 of these little girls would swarm around me messing up my hair and ratting it and making it huge, then wrapping it in curlers. They would then form a line and put some lipstick all over my face. They really enjoyed that. I know that it wasn't my last show, but it was really fun, and I will miss it. :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Ryan's Latest

Yola familia! This is Ryan here. I am currently on our school soccer team. We are the Akimel A-al Rattlers, I play stopper (mid-defender). Our record is 1-8 (1 win and 8 losses), we aren't very good. The problem that we keep having is that we get the ball and then we can't pass the ball well, so we have the ball and then we give it up often.

Recently, I also auditioned for our school play,
Beauty and the Beast. I made it. I wanted Lumierre (the magical talking candle) but instead they asked me to play the part of Cogsworth (the magical talking clock). It's all good.


Aloha people I am here to talk about Pokey. Pokey is a tortoise, he is my class pet, so I asked my teacher if I could bring him home for fall break? She said "yes!" so on Thursday me and my mom took Pokey home. Pokey is a weird tortoise. So the other night I was holding pokey and he pooped on my shirt. I was so grossed out. Pokey eats lettuce and tomatoes. He has a tongue it is so cool! My class is so jealous that I got to bring Pokey home. Pokey is cute but not as cute as my older sister she is beautiful! I will be very sad when I have to bring pokey back to school.