Friday, October 24, 2008

High School Musical 3

Bonjour bloggers...this is Megan. Last night, at midnight, my dad and I went and saw the very first screening of High School Musical 3. It officially opens on Friday so the theater couldn't show it until 12:01 am on Thursday evening. I have to go to a young womens retreat all weekend and wouldn't get to go see it until next week. I was bummed. So my dad took me to the midnight showing. I had never been to a show at 12:00 midnight before...let alone during the school week. I might sound like a total nerd but it was really good. And Zac Efron was very cute. The theater had about 150 other crazy fans as well (mostly girls - big surprise...not). We all screamed when Zac did something cute on screen...which was often.
Scharpay wore too much make-up. But, I liked how her character developed throughout the show.
I am not going to give too much away. But, if you want more juicy details just text or e-mail me and I will reveal all.
Overall, I give this movie 2 thumbs up!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Hey, this is Ryan. This is only my second post so hopefully it won't stink. OK, I am on a baseball team. We are doing really good. We won 3 times and lost only once. We beat one of our teams by the mercy rule (It means that we can call the game if we get 10 more runs than the other team) We also won by 8 runs in my last game. It felt really good.

If you click on the picture it pops up larger. That way you can see the beautiful face I am making. You can also see the tendons in my arm stretching. COOL!!I am usually playing in centerfield. I like to play short-stop, second base, and centerfield. My coach let me be the catcher the last game. I was really good a while ago so I think that he will let me catch some more. My final position that I am good at is Pitcher. I am only pitching at 45 mph. It seems quite fast, but I have seen people as old as I am pitching at 60 mph. It was amazing. I am only pitching 45 mph. but nobody can seem to get good hits off of me. They usually only get a slow grounder and get thrown out at first. I hope to talk/type to you again.



I Love Kevin Jonas

Hey y'all - this is Cameron again. I just want you to know that I'm engaged with this boy named Kevin Jonas. One problem, he has know idea who I am and that we are going to be married. I wonder what kind of ring he will get me. I hope its giant with lots and lots of diamonds.