Thursday, July 24, 2014

Howdy y'all, It's Ryan here. This is going to be my last blog post on this blog for a while (2 years)! This summer I have been running around trying to fit the last bits of vacation in where I can!

For our Young Men High Adventure we went up to Moab, Utah for some off-roading and camping. We towed the jeep behind our Explorer for 500 miles, just me and dad! it was a great bonding experience for us before I get to leave for mother Russia. We went up and camped, went off-roading, mountain biked, did some hiking and repelling, then we went white water rafting, and met some really cute tour guides!

One of the trails available to us was called "Hells Revenge."  It featured a narrow winding path that was not much wider than the jeeps, and the drop off on either side of it is about 50 feet down... Needless to say we did not attempt that one, I still value my life somewhat! The repelling was really cool, I've done it before so I seemed really professional when everyone else was a little scaredy cat.

The best part for me would probably be the white water rafting, because I have never done it but always wanted to! We went through category 3 rapids (I think) on a big 7 person raft. Even though the boat was huge we still got thrown all around and I had a blast! Overall it was a great vacation in a warm climate before I freeze my tail off in Vladivostok. I will miss you all!

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