Monday, July 21, 2014

EFY // Cameron Edition

Hello! This summer has been absolutely amazing. I started off the first week of it by going to EFY in Provo. We stayed on BYU campus and in the dorms. I went alone, and it was kind of scary the first day because I didn't know anyone in my company. But by the end of the week we were all so close!  I really enjoyed my week. Throughout the week we had classes, and devotionals, family home evening, and my favorite... the DANCES!!

At EFY you do a lot of walking.On the second day we had a dance and I had danced too hard and woke up the next day with a swollen foot. I had to spend my week hobbling across campus. But I guess it wasn't all to bad because the boys carried me most places.  I really enjoyed being able to spend a week in cool weather doing nothing but learning more and coming to love the gospel even more than I already do.

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