Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Jeeping and Diving and Bikes, Oh My!

This is Ryan.  During this school year, I have done quite a bit. I was on the dive team, I went offroading a bit and we got a motorcycle! During the dive season, I got a chance to go to many invitationals. Although I never placed, it was a fun time! The highlight of the season for me was learning a reverse 1 1/2. I was at one of the invitationals and they accidently signed me up for doing that dive but I never learned it. Instead of asking the judges to change it, I just learned the dive ten minutes before the meet started! It was kinda scary but I didn't even belly flop; that's always a plus!

On Black Friday, I got to go hang out with my dad and some guys from our church when we went offroading. We  only got stuck once, luckily our buddy had a winch to pull us out. We got some good mud thrown on the sides of the jeep as well as some inside... we forgot to roll up the windows! I drove the whole time, and had a great time! Cant wait to go out again.

A few months ago, my friend let me ride his motorcycle. It was a little Ninja 250 but it was tons of fun! I told my dad that we should get one and he was all for it. We took the Team Arizona riders course and learned all the basics of riding safety. My friend then sold his 250 so that he could upgrade to a Ninja 500 right before we took the course. Sadly for him (but not for me), soon after he bought it he found out that he had to move to Mexico and he couldn't take the bike with him! My dad and I went in together and took it off his hands and now we are the proud owners of a Ninja 500. It is tons of fun to ride! All those hours working as a bag boy at Sprouts are paying off.  :)

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