Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Jamaica me rested and relaxed!

Jamaica in July has become somewhat a tradition for Mike and Trish.  We really like it there.  We enjoy the all-inclusive resorts and the wonderfully friendly people we meet.  For the past many years we have been going to resorts in the SuperClubs family.  However, they keep selling them and we have had to move around a bit.  This year we tried a Couples resort.  We spent a week at Couples Sans Souci in Ocho Rios and had one of our best trips yet. 

Couples Sans Souci is built on a steep incline, so the views are gorgeous.  The resort is very keen on customer service (something that we have been missing in recent years), the food was wonderful and we were spoiled and pampered all week.  One of the biggest draws for us each year is the scuba diving which is included in the price of the trip.  The diving in Jamaica isn’t the best we’ve experienced, but it’s not bad.  There are always surprises and you never know what you might see.   The dive crew here was excellent!  For the last few years, the crew has had each diver carry out and bring back their own equipment to the boat, including the women.  Not a problem.  But these guys said “Not the ladies!” and they took Trish's equipment out and back for her.  She just grabbed extra fins and weight belts so she wasn’t empty handed.  They were fun and showed us a good time. 

We always seem to meet interesting people on these trips.  We made some great friends from Scotland on this trip.  They are about our age.  She was in the cast of “Lord of the Dance” and now runs a school for Irish Dancing and also judges competitions.  He dove with us, and we swear is James Bond in disguise!  They come to Couples Sans Souci every year for a month at a time.  This was their 13th trip.  That speaks pretty well for this place. 

We don’t know what next summer will bring, but are hoping to return soon!  They are starting to refer to us as “JAmericans.”  That’s OK by us. 




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