Monday, August 26, 2013

Ryan's Summer

Its been a while since I posted, I've been quite busy with work and school and such. Over the summer, I went to EFY in Provo, Utah for the first session. It was such a cool experience, I met lots of awesome people and a bunch of cute girls too. The guys in my group started a competition to see who could get the most girls numbers throughout the course of the week. I got 5 within the first 2 days! Pretty impressive, I know. At the end of the second day I scored a college girls number, after that I stopped trying. I wanted to end on a high note and not risk getting shut down! Overall it was a great experience and I wish I could go back next year.

 After getting back from EFY, our priest quorum went to the Grand Canyon to hike Havasupai. We drove to the trail head and arrived around 9 pm. We slept in the parking lot on our mats under the stars just 30 feet away from the edge of the canyon. Waking up early in the morning, we hiked to
the bottom of the canyon before the heat of the day hit us. As soon as we got to camp, we dropped off our packs, changed into our swimsuits and  headed over to the waterfall. The water was freezing cold, the color was a gorgeous blue and the heat was over 100 degrees! The surrounding landscape was dry as a bone, yet the area right by the waterfall was an oasis of shrubbery and greenery. There were picnic tables set up all around the base of the waterfall, and while some friends slept on the table, I slept on a little walkway that wrapped around the waterfall. It was only about 3 feet wide, had I rolled to the side at all I would be soaked and a bit unhappy. Overall it was a great experience! I cant wait to visit again.

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